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Upgraded Seed Treatment Facility to Begin With Syngenta Partnership

Beginning in November, the seed treatment facilities at Thresher’s Blackfoot and Idaho Falls plants will be obtaining an upgrade. The construction process is estimated to take two weeks, followed by one full day of training at each location by equipment representatives. Once completed, Thresher will have two state-of-the-art seed treatment lines with industry leading-quality, accuracy, efficiency and worker safety.

Thresher’s seed sales manager, Brett Wilken, learned of the new automated NOVO Mix System and knew it would benefit Thresher and area growers. The NOVO system is an automated hands-free mixing system that will substantially increase seed treatment accuracy and take away the chance of human error while mixing seed treatment batches. Seed treatments are very expensive and typically run between $150–$600 per gallon. Even slight errors have large impacts. Measuring and applying chemicals at rates down to 1/10 of an ounce per hundred pounds of seed makes accuracy very important. Thresher doesn’t want to overapply, and farmers want to make sure they are getting what they paid for. The NOVO system will generate a report detailing the pounds of seed treated and the amount of seed treatment used. This will verify for farmers that they are getting what they paid for.

Seed treatment speed will also be increased at both locations as part of the upgrade. Our older USC seed treaters will be replaced with USC LPV HI Capacity seed treaters, with capacity up to 3,000 lbs. per minute. Blackfoot currently treats seed at 1,300 lbs. per minute. After the upgrade, we are targeting 2,500 lbs. per minute. Idaho Falls treats at 2,000 lbs. per minute. After the upgrade, we will be striving for 2,500–3,000 lbs. per minute. This will improve turnaround times to and from the field and reduce loading times at these locations.

Syngenta partnered with Thresher back in 2010 to bring in the first new seed treatment system since 1970. Therefore, Thresher looked again to partner with a quality company like Syngenta to make this upgrade a reality. Syngenta District Seedcare Specialist Tony Severa states, “We at Syngenta are proud to have a working partnership with Agspring (Thresher Artisan Wheat). Our companies have some similar values of customer focus, innovation and one of the closely held values, quality. This is why we at Syngenta have teamed with Thresher Artisan Wheat to help with their Seedcare equipment needs to ensure each grower is receiving a quality end-use product. This starts with certified clean seed, industry-leading Seedcare products like our Cruisermaxx .33 and Vibrance Extreme, and uniform seed coverage with the newest and best seed treating equipment. We at Syngenta work hard for Thresher Artisan’s business and truly appreciate the level of commitment to quality they bring to the industry.”

Field Days 2017

Continuing Success in the Field

Field Days 2017 Event

[Newdale, American Falls, Idaho Falls, and Blackfoot]

On July 11-14, Thresher brought together valued growers for the annual Field Days events. Each year, the Field Days events serve to keep growers updated on current market happenings and provide them the opportunity to hear from other leaders in the industry. The 2017 Field Days events had strong attendance and provided growers with several helpful resources and new ideas to help ensure their continued success in the field.

Thresher kicked off the featured presentation with a quick market update, discussed strides in safety and offered helpful tips on storing product. Thresher’s seed program will offer the same continued varieties from 2016 and is excited to announce the addition of three more to support Thresher’s dedication to providing consistent and high quality product. The following seed varieties are now available:

  • Assure – Soft White
  • LCS Jet – HRW
  • WB 4623CLP – Clearfield Hard red winter

Thresher Fall 2017 Seed Varieties:

  • SWW
  • WB 1529
  • WB 456
  • SY Ovation
  • Assure, new! Higher TW than Ovation, excellent yield potential, limited supply
  • Brundage

Blended varieties are also available. Seed Sales Manager Brett Wilken states that last year WB 1529/ SY Ovation and WB 456/ SY Ovation were popular blends among growers. The test weight and quality of WestBred wheat with the high yield potential of SY Ovation offer a blend that includes the best of both varieties. To learn more, click here.

Syngenta will be expanding their leadership in the sustainability field through the AgriEdge program. AgriEdge is linked to their Land.db technology and helps growers track and record their sustainability efforts while finding the bottom line. Syngenta offers to pay $1 per acre, for up to 1,500 acres, for sustainability data offered by growers.

One of WestBred’s growers, Terry Wilcox of Idaho, was the second-place winner of the last National Wheat Yield Contest. WestBred encourages growers to enter in contests and will pay for contest entry fees.

Grain Craft detailed their expertise in food safety. They are focused on helping growers to get their product approved and, with the help of Thresher, will check your product to see if it is subject to being rejected. Anyone concerned about COFO wheat (chemical residue) or the correct grain protectant to use for storing this year’s grain crop should contact their local Thresher manager or Heath Harrison or Brett Wilkin for further details.