Seed Programs

Certified Seeds

Certified Seed is the cornerstone of the Thresher seed program. Our customers on each side of the supply chain depend on a consistent, high quality product. Our certified seed program ensures that customers participating in a Thresher IP Program will get the traits and performance they expect, giving both industry and our farmers a better bottom line.
Thresher Certified Seed means:

  • You are purchasing some of the highest quality seed in the U.S. developed and evaluated in partnership with Syngenta, WestBred and academic experts.
    • Thresher has an excellent group of seed growers that have the integrity and devotion to grow excellent seed crops.
    • Idaho is a unique area to raise seed. Irrigated desert climate with multiple crop rotations ensure the wheat seed you purchase is genetically pure.
    • Seed fields are inspected throughout the growing season. Third party inspections are done in the field, at our certified seed cleaning plants and then at accredited labs to ensure seed quality and purity.
  • Growers gain improved marketing opportunities through Thresher IP markets.
  • Growers know they are planting a high quality milling wheat, which increases the marketability of their grain.
  • End-use customers receive the traits and grain quality of a genetically pure grain.

Seed Treatments & Enhancers

Thresher Artisan Wheat offers seed treatments from all of the major chemical manufacturers. Our customers can request the chemicals they want applied to the seed they purchase. We offer Cruisermaxx Custom Blend .33 as our default seed treatment due to its broad-spectrum disease control benefits for the area. Upon request, we also offer additional insecticides to help with specific crop pests.