Agspring EverYield


Agspring EverYield orchestrates a positive, grower-focused relationship between the agendas of agricultural intensification and sustainability. Whereas environmental and profitability-enhancing initiatives may traditionally have been perceived as sometimes at odds, Agspring EverYield seeks to chart a new course. We bring allies and partners from across the supply chain together to address sustainable yield productivity increases in a creative, innovative and productive manner.

This initiative combines agronomic research, environmental stewardship and open communication within an economically sustainable and profitable context for growers, suppliers, and downstream customers alike. At the center of this collaboration resides the infrastructure, footprint and logistical facilitation of Agspring. EverYield consists of grower-focused special events, ongoing communication, online resources and field trials as well as data sharing, advocacy and goal setting with relevant allied organizations such as The Nature Conservancy, Field to Market and National Resources Conservation Service.

Thresher Artisan Wheat facilitates the nation’s largest and longest standing sustainable wheat sourcing pilot program. Collaborating with key supply chain partners including General Mills and Syngenta, Thresher growers contribute key data points on their wheat production to Field to Market, the leading sustainable agriculture alliance. The program sets a factual picture of what is happening at field level when it comes to critical subjects such as land use, soil erosion, greenhouse gas emissions and more. It also helps demonstrate the excellent stewardship that area growers practice already as well as seek to identify areas for additional innovation over time.