Linda Morris

Linda Morris Announced as Winner of Friends of Idaho Grain Producers Award

The Idaho Grain Producers Association, located in Boise, Idaho, is dedicated to serving Idaho’s wheat and barley growers by providing them with relevant information and representing their interests on farm policy issues at the state and national level. Every year the IGPA selects an individual, industry associate, elected official, member of the media, or other qualified candidate who has demonstrated exceptional support, value, and work with the organization to receive the Friends of Idaho Grain Producers Award.

At the Annual Tri-State Convention this past winter in Spokane, Washington, IGPA announced Thresher’s very own Linda Morris as the winner. IGPA Board Member Burt Fehringer nominated Linda Morris for this award because of her noticeable commitment to customer service. Prior to the announcement, Linda was unaware that she had even been nominated for the Friends of Idaho Grain Producers Award. Through a team of people, Linda and her husband Ron traveled to Spokane for the conference, where she was successfully surprised with the honor.

Linda expressed her gratitude for the award, saying, “I’m very honored to have been chosen for this award. I would like to thank Burt Fehringer of American Falls for the nomination, the committee members for selecting me, and my co-workers who help and support me in all I do.”

Linda’s commitment to serving others is natural. As she states, “It doesn’t matter if a producer is farming 40 acres or 40,000 acres, whether they do their business with Thresher or with other companies, I have always felt that they should be treated with the same courtesy and respect because they are all important to our agriculture industry, and I feel this award validates that.”

President of IGPA Dwight Little also recognized Linda as being the recipient of the award at Thresher’s annual Seed Days event on February 1.

As Linda has demonstrated for a number of years, Thresher is dedicated to serving the needs of their producers.