Grower Software on iPad

New Grower Software Helps Increase Operation Results: Industry reports, sustainability data, weather condition updates and more

Agrible® and Thresher Artisan Wheat are teaming up to help growers make more informed decisions to drive results for their operations. Thresher is offering Agrible’s value-added tools for southeast Idaho producers through Agrible’s Morning Farm Report® software. With many Idaho wheat producers curious about how the long heat snap affected the crop this year, it’s important to have access to tools like Yield Engine within the Morning Farm Report Software.

“Top yield will be taken off but producers don’t know by how much,” says Todd Weitekamp, Product Line Manager for Agrible. “Our wheat modeling takes into account both water and temperature stress which can give growers an idea of what impact it might have on their final yield.”

As part of the suite of tools, growers with Thresher Artisan Wheat get access to Agrible’s Sustainable Sourcing feature.

Thresher grower Nick Benson says, “Sustainability is going to play a major role in my son’s generation. I try to teach him sustainable practices now because it is going to be a much bigger deal when he is my age.”

The software helps growers measure their sustainability impact with industry-approved metrics and, together with Agrible’s agronomic insights, gives growers the ability to farm even smarter. Agrible’s tools help growers tell their sustainability story by ensuring consumers have more information about how their food is grown.

Benson also uses Agrible’s Morning Farm Report technology to help him save money. “The most useful information for me from Morning Farm Report is water availability. I can save about $1,500 a day by shutting off all six of my irrigation pumps,” he says.

Agrible’s Morning Farm Report software delivers field-specific information on weather forecasts, soil conditions, nutrient availability forecasts, yield forecasts, and much more. Using the best science available, Morning Farm Report gives growers easy access to record keeping, predictive analytics, scouting, and sustainability metrics through laptop and mobile devices.

To learn more about the program and how to sign up from your local Thresher team, contact Brett Wilkins at