Thresher Safety Days a Success

“No amount of grain is worth someone’s life,” said Eric Neibaur, Thresher Artisan Wheat Safety and Preventative Maintenance Manager. His sentiment was kept prominently in mind when we planned and hosted a two-day safety event for all employees.

Data provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries (CFOI) ranks agriculture third in total number of deaths among all U.S. occupations, behind only construction and transportation (Texas A&M). The data only reinforces the Thresher belief in the value of safety and safety training. We truly believe that the only way to lower the amount of injuries or death in our industry is through training and education.

Committing to safety

We were pleased that in early June, the Idaho Falls community welcomed more than 90 Thresher employees to town to learn about safer ways to serve their communities and customers.

The two-day event included CPR and first-aid training, hearing exams, engulfment training, fall training with harnesses, training for safety in confined spaces, understanding of rail cars, hazard communications, high-voltage safety and education about dangerous occurrences such as arc flash.

“For me, the biggest takeaway from this event was seeing all of the new faces present. It is always encouraging to see more people enjoying learning the importance of safety in the agriculture industry,” said Neibaur. He was also encouraged that so many staff offered positive feedback on this event, making him optimistic about safety training geared toward growers this fall.

“People grow up on farms or in a farming community where hard work is emphasized,” Neibaur said. “That leaves people with the mentality that safety takes a backseat to production. At Thresher, productivity is important, but it takes a backseat to safety.”

Thresher reinforces a commitment to safety by hosting a variety of safety events for employees throughout the year, including monthly safety training sessions, online safety courses through Safety Made Simple, and an annual progressive safety event that focuses on eight key safety principles.

A community event

To continue our effort to prioritize safety among American farmers, we’ve organized the Thresher Safety Day event, to be held with the community this fall. Producers, families, and schools should look forward to participating in the life-saving principles that will aid in lowering the number of agriculture-related deaths and incidents across the country.

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