Thresher Offers Cover Crop Mixes

To keep up with the rising prevalence of cover crops and, more importantly, the needs of our producers, Thresher offers an array of cover crop mixes that are specially formulated for the region and for the traditional small grain/potato rotation.

Today, through a partnership with La Crosse Seed, three Thresher mixes are available.  These mixes offer many benefits to producers, including improved soil structure and resilience, enhanced nutrient availability and suppression of harmful pests. These mixes also slow the effects of erosion and soil compaction that often result from today’s farming practices.

Basic N Mix

Winter Peas 84%   +   Thresher Select Daikon Radish 16%

Basic N Mix is a practical option for fixing Nitrogen before grass cash crops. The winter peas should overwinter, maximizing N and biomass production. The daikon radish will hold and sequester any leftover nutrients and also break up compaction left from the preceding crop harvest or other less-than-ideal field conditions.

Scavenger Mix

Winter Triticale   +   Winter Peas 23%   +   Thresher Select Daikon Radish 6%

This mix of winter triticale, winter peas and radish works as an all-purpose mix, combining maximum biomass potential while scavenging leftover nitrogen and other nutrients left from the previous crop.  Winter peas provide spring nitrogen and encourage more growth from the triticale and radish.  Scavenger Mix offers superior ground cover, the ideal combination for reducing wind and water erosion.

Fumigator Mix

Crimson Clover + Brown Mustard + Thresher Select Daikon Radish + Purple Top Turnips + Rapeseed

Fumigator Mix is a grouping of brassicas species aimed at bio-fumigation and overall pest suppression. The combination of crimson clover and brassicas will not only break up compaction and add biomass, but will also supply nitrogen and scavenge any leftover nutrients left from the previous crop, all while protecting the soil from damaging wind erosion.

For more information on cover crops and Thresher’s three mixes, contact your local Thresher representative.