AgriEdge Excelsior: Proven. Trusted. Secure.

Thresher Wheat is committed to finding tools and technologies that support our growers’ long-term success, give them better visibility to their farm operations, and help them to make profitable, sustainable decisions. For several years, we have worked closely with Syngenta. AgriEdge Excelsior® from Syngenta is the only proven whole-farm program that combines secure data management, innovative product choices and trusted on-farm service, to help growers maximize and sustain their return on investment.


Land.db®, the premium, exclusive farm management software designed to help increase your return on investment


Reporting and mapping for sustainability and regulatory compliance


Ability to measure field-level profitability, mitigate risk in crop production and financing for Syngenta crop inputs


Integrated crop planning and prescription recommendations through software and partnerships as well as access to a complete portfolio of products


Dedicated professional team of on-farm AgriEdge® specialists, web- and phone-based support from Ag Connections, and reseller service and support

5 Pillars of AgriEdge Excelsior

Designed by Farmers for Farmers

How can Land.db help me?

  • Farm inputs tracked by entity, farm, field or crop zone
  • GIS field mapping, infrastructure mapping, border crop and sensitive area identification
  • Manage product inventories, pricing and invoicing
  • Store and query data based on field attributes (crop, tillage, varieties, irrigation, etc.)
  • Active ingredient threshold monitoring
  • Robust crop planning and budgeting
  • Generate work orders in English and Spanish and include PPE/WPS
  • Capture, store and report key sustainability metrics
  • Record harvest information for any crop or field

To learn more, contact AgriEdge Specialists, Stacey Shaw or Trevor Cook.

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